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The Runaway

Creekwood Valley Series

14 Sept


Welcome to my world…

of romance.

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here. Because you’ve stopped in, I figure you like romance. I do
too. So that makes us a great pair.

Ever since I can remember, I’d find myself slipping away from reality into a land of dreams. Now I get to share those dreams with you—and it’s the best gift ever!

For me, every book I write is a new life I’ve lived, a love I’ve loved.
I hope to one day have lived a hundred lives, dreamed a hundred dreams, known a hundred loves

And I hope to share them all with you.

The story of

Alannah Carbonneau

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Best Selling Books

Our Dark Design

Best Selling Book

It was supposed to be a job. Sail through the Caribbean on a luxury yacht while cooking and cleaning for some rich man. How hard can that be? That’s what the ad implied.
It’s not what he wanted.
It’s not what he took.
It’s not what I gave.

She’s the only tether I have to the moment that made me the monster I am. She’s the only way I can truly sate my craving.
It’s for her I’ll be the protector.
It’s because of her I’ll submit to the killer.
It’s with her that I might eventually find sanctuary.

Best selling books

Our Dark Design

Teach Me To Live

All Good Things Absolved

“All I can do is wish for one more day… to fall in love with you.”

- Teach Me To Live

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