The Runaway

When Adeline’s husband is murdered, her rags to riches story turns into a nightmare staring those closest to her. After years of careful planning, she finds herself and her not-quite three-year-old son on the run, but a broken-down car leads her to Police Chief Colton Decker’s door.
She wasn’t looking for love, but the townspeople of Creekwood Valley are hard to deny, and their Police Chief is even harder. Before she knows it, she has a job and an apartment, and her son is making friends. They are finding the family they never had. But a threat lurks in the shadows of the past, and Adeline knows the time will come when she’ll have to pack up and run again.
The problem is that Colt has no intention of allowing her to run, and even less intention of allowing her to fight alone. As he works to claim her heart, Adeline’s past collides with the present to threaten their future.
There’s something about a good man in a good town filled with good people, because Adeline decides to stay. Will she survive when her past catches up with her?


Planting Roots

After the tragic death of her closest friend and no-label lover, Harper Jameson finds herself uprooting her on-wheels life in the circus to plant solid roots in a small mountain town that feels like home. Submerging herself in making her newly purchased home her own, she’s ordering cabinet knobs, picking tea towels, and ditching her love of black for a new affair with all things pastel. She’s reinventing herself one polka-dot cup at a time.
A new job comes with new friends, and a tarot reading crushes her heart by predicting love. She doesn’t want love, but she can’t help but see the dark eyes of the dark man she’d seen watching her in Sweets, the towns retro bakery. When she finds herself going home with Renaldo Hainz after drinks at Pine Point, the town’s bar, Harper does her best to convince herself it’s a one-time thing. But one-time things don’t feel like this? Like the world is finally right, like she belongs. Do they?
When Ren finds ways to be in her life, Harper finds she can’t fight the way she feels. Soon, what sparks between them is more than physical. It’s more than she’s ever had before, and daydreams of the future begin to dance in her mind. She has a job, a relationship, and she’s happy—but someone sinister lurks in the shadows, always watching. When the horrors of the past collide with the promise of the future, will Harper survive a dance with the flame that’s already taken so much?

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The Lasting Kind

Recently divorced, Natalie Verro finds herself in a boutique buying a sexy red dress, and black lacy underthings she really shouldn’t buy. Fueled by the sting of being replaced by a woman who is more boobs, booty, and blonde than she’ll ever be, Natalie swipes her card and finds herself dressed up, sipping something delicious that makes her head hazy, at a quiet hotel bar. She just wanted to feel something—anything. But when Connor Mackenzie makes her feel not only beautiful and desired, but declares that her cheating, no-good, dirt-bag of an ex-husband is a fool for letting a woman like her go, she finds herself pressed up against an elevator wall, a hard, hot mouth on hers. And then she finds herself in his hotel room, doing things that she’d never done in ten years of marriage to a man she’d thought would be hers until the end.

She finds herself feeling things she has no business feeling for a stranger after a hot one-night stand, so she does what she thinks she should. She flees.

When Connor wakes to find Natalie gone, he resigns himself to life as it was before her—before heat and wonder and something that could have been love touched his soul. But as fate would, she works her magic and, months later, Natalie finds herself taking a job in a high school in a small mountain town. Connor’s town. The two don’t take long to bump into one another, picking up right where they left off in the hotel bed.

But sometimes the desires of the past weave through the future, and life outside of bed becomes complicated, weighed down by old wounds that haven’t been healed, and tender desires that have yet to come to fruition. But when you love the right person, anything is possible.